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Newly transferred CDO of Parsa, Basnet commits to fair and quick public services

Birgunj, Dec 30,

Jitendra Basnet the newly transferred Chief District Officer has stated his commitments to the fair and hassle-free services of the common people. The residents of Parsa come to the District Administration Office (DAO) seeking so many of its services most importantly citizenship certificates and passport services.

‘The citizenship service-seekers will have to wait only 4 to 5 minutes for their citizenship certificates after the data store is done on a different server in a few days’, Basnet said pointing out to the unsystematic way of storing important public data in a reckless manner.

He has said so talking to the journalists of Parsa district in a brief introductory program organized on the call of CAO in its own premises on Monday.

Basnet, who claims to have had a good tenure at Chitwan DAO, has initiated from his own office asking all the staff to avail quick and trouble-free services to the people. He has also asked all the government offices under him providing public services to begin right from themselves being more responsible, countable, and committed to the public services in a meeting with the concerned authorities as informed by Basnet.

He talked of making himself zero tolerant to the crimes of any type in the district ensuring his strong roles for the peace, prosperity, and security of Parsa district during his tenure. He touched almost all the topics of his responsibilities and duties as an administrator, esp. his own roles in several sectors guaranteed by the prevailing law and order of the constitution; and he also promised to be fair in his judgments fearing from none.

In more than half-an-hour long speech, he explained how he has started successful consultations with various active organizations and stakeholders working in the district for public services like traffic and roads management, vegetable markets, postal roads’ progress, cleaning and making Sirisiya River pollution free, management and improvement of Birgunj Jail, customs office, girls’ trafficking, drugs abuse, cross-border crimes, leakage of revenues, preserving open and linked territory of Nepal with India, disappeared pillars of border with India, dissatisfaction and agitation of Alau people over compensation of their lands, corruption, disaster management, digitalization and free Wi-Fi zone of DAO, major constructions works of the district like bridges, roads, etc., and many more.

He also assured to continue the good initiatives of the former CDO and improvise wherever and whenever needed.

Journalists of various local as well as national media houses were present on the occasion and appreciated the commitments expressed by Basnet but also stated to take the policy of ‘wait and watch’ how much he could come to in the days to come. They also requested Basnet to make the DAO journalists friendly and answer up the phone calls in order to avail true information.

Lalit Basnet, assistant CDO, the information officer as well as the spokesperson of the DAO, assured the journalists of answering the information required by them. He also said to provide fair and quick services in a systematic way.