Taking various types of cleaning services is not luxury but necessity in today’s busy life. One needs time for job, family, rest, social media, and social works along with other so many unseen, unavoidable and sudden works that come on our ways even on holidays. We cannot run away or compromise, so we set priority of our works but we miss time for most important work that is the cleaning of our beautiful dream houses or offices. We mess up so much that insects, rats, cockroaches, and sometimes snakes make their favourite places.

We provide wide range of services to our clients like dry cleaning, wet cleaning, polishing, shining, windows cleaning, wash-rooms cleaning, glass cleaning, furniture cleaning, etc.

Why you pay more when you need manpower to clean your house only for 2-3 hours? Just pay for how much you need.

Types of services:

  1. Hourly Services
  2. Half Day Services
  3. Full Day Services

Frequency of our services available:

  1. Daily
  2. Alternatively
  3. Weekly
  4. Fortnightly
  5. Monthly

Please contact us for free estimation under your budget.