a. Using any brand’s name, logo, URL, social links, address, contact numbers, business house name, etc. anywhere on popularsys.com (except for news, etc.) comes and advertisement policy and thus, the advertiser has to pay for that.

b. We are always there for you to take care of your business, and clients/customers for their regular use, support and trust in your brand.

c. We also partner with several other national and international media partners like print (newspapers, magazine, etc.), air (Radio, FMs, etc.), visual (television channels), social (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.), online (websites, etc.), etc.

d. The rate varies on the length of content, choice of media and target group you want to promote your business on. You can contact us for any advertisement estimation free of cost.

Let’s talk about various ways of boosting your business today and create superb ideas to promote it.

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