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Dharara trying to stand again: Dipendra Kanu

Dharahara, also called Bhimsen Tower, was a nine-storey, 61.88-metre-tall tower at the center of Sundhara in Kathmandu. It was built in 1832 by Mukhtiyar Bhimsen Thapa under the commission of Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari and was a part of the architecture of Kathmandu recognized by UNESCO.

The iconic tower is being reconstructed at the cost of Rs 3.45 billion. The tower was destroyed in the great earthquake of 1934 and was later rebuilt.

After more than three years of the devastating 2015 earthquakes, the reconstruction of Dharahara has finally begun in a fast speed. The picture was shot on 24th of Nov., 2019.
Photo: Dipendra Kanu, Birgunj

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