Maghi Festival will be marked in Birgunj with pomp and show: Ojhaiya


Birgunj, Jan 13,

The Tharu community will be organizing the main festival of Tharu (Ghichdi) Maghi on the occasion of the 2644th Tharu New Year and Khichdi Maghi festival 2076 in Birgunj on Wednesday as informed in a press conference at the meeting hall of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Parsa.

According to the Tahru (Ghichdi) Maghai Main Ceremony Committee 2076, ceremony committee will be organized at the Swimming Pool in Birgunj Adarshnagar.

Speaking at a press conference, Bijaya Ojhaiya, coordinator of the Maghi main function committee, said that the blood donation program will be held at the festival venue this year too as it was last year. Ojhaiya said that the Maghai (Khichdi) festival of the tribal Tharu community and the new year of Tharu community are to exchange a glimpse of the language and culture, as well as a program to celebrate the Maghi Festival with gentle and pomp. She also said that the ceremony is for the rights of the tribal Tharu Community in political, cultural, linguistic, economic equality, social solidarity, equitable and inclusive representation in every body of the state.

Prior to the ceremony, Tharu cultural dance will be organized in the morning. During the ceremony, Tharu Culture Glimpse Ghato, Samachkewa, Tharu Eastern Dance, etc. will be presented. In addition to this, special dishes will be kept at the festival site including nests, crabs, fish, pigeons, poultry, swans, chickens, local chickens, lye, sesame, etc.

The press conference was attended by the President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists Parsa Shyam Banjara, Parmanand Chaudhary of the main functioning economic committee, Shambhu Mahato Tharu of advertisement committee, Prakash Tharu, Angel Chaudhary, Nand Kishore Panjiyar, Dipendra Chaudhary of cultural committee, Manoj Chaudhary and Punam Chaudhary.

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