Tiffin Ghar

Are you tired of preparing Tiffin for your school children? Do you really care for your children’s health? There are many mothers who do not get enough time to prepare everything for their children before they leave for schools even willingly. There is a scene of high tension and pressure in the house until the children leave the house for schools like school uniform, socks, shoes, tie, belt, breakfast, bags, books, copies, other stationeries, combing hair and preparing their desired Tiffin. Preparing delicious Tiffin right before their departure is really difficult because otherwise the children do not eat full Tiffin. Many children complain about the repeated dish and taste, which they are reluctant to eat. Many parents seek to easy solution; they give pocket money allowing them to buy some biscuits, noodles, cookies, bread, dry-food or get something from local hotels or restaurants. They do not care for their children’s health and being addictive to outy food items, that leads them to serious health problems in the days to come.

We give you a better solution that is ‘Tiffin Ghar- a taste of home’. We give you a menu to choose food items from for your children and prepare a weekly menu. You just order us; we do the rest like preparing healthy Tiffin and carrying it to schools in time so that your children have different healthy tastes almost every day under your budget.

School Tiffin

Professional Tiffin


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