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Adult film star opens up World’s first P0RN university in Colombia

Adult film star opens up World’s first P0RN university in Colombia

A porn star in Colombia has opened up a ‘school’ to teach aspiring actors and actresses how to be successful in the adult film business.

Alejandra Omana Ruiz, a former journalist who goes by the stage name of Amaranta Hank, opened her ‘porn university’ in Medellin in May, where she offers workshops and conferences that includes a live sex scene tutorial.

It is unknown if Hank participates in the raunchy practical.

Hank became one of the top porn actresses in the country after losing a bet that her favorite club would qualify for the top tier division in national league. As a forfeit, she had to bare all for SOHO magazine.

The classes are held at The Secret Garden erotic pub where aspiring x-rated actors and actresses are taught how to detect ‘fake and abusive producers’ and learn ‘how to make the perfect porn scene.’

The workshop runs for nine hours with Hank, alongside male porn actor Ramon Nomar, teaching students, ‘how to project my image as a porn actress/actor’ and ‘What kind of porn actress/actor do I want to be?’

The seminar’s program also focuses on ‘the natural, chemical and mechanical erections’ and guides female students on ‘how be a porn actress in a macho society.’

Students are educated on how to make a profit and even get to witness a live sex scene.

Hank, who claims to have recorded sexual scenes with as many as 12 people in one day, said she first thought of the idea after countless social media messages from fans asking how to break into the adult film industry.

‘People were telling us that they were tired of their jobs, they were tired of going to an office, that I want to be a porn actor, I want to produce porn, I want to join the industry,’ Hank said.

The reported popularity of the class has led Hank to consider opening up second porn school in the Colombian capital of Bogota.

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